Den Communication

Communication specific for each den

Tool box kits for those who missed last night

Hey friends, I have Tool-Box kits for the kiddos who missed last night. I’m going to see if we have an extra kit to make and paint as a thank-you gift for Tire Worx in Whitehouse. They donated all of the materials for this project. I’ll bring it to the next meeting for all of the boys to sign and fill with snacks for the employees there. Parents, please bring snacks or candy to put in the tool box. Thanks! Thank you so much for all you do, parents! Sincerely, Lacey

Arrow meeting Tuesday. December 7th, WUMC at 6:30pm and upcoming Troop Camping Schedules

Den 4 ARROWS – We will meet at WUMC 6:30 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, December 7th. Bring your family calendars so we can do some planning for our final Cub Scout weeks and Crossover Ceremony!!!! SUPER JOB leading the Whitehouse Christmas Parade and carrying all the flags – as usual, you guys rocked it all the way!!  I have phots posted on my Facebook page. I know many of you have multiple family activities plus work to schedule around, so I’ve compiled a list of upcoming Troop meetings and camping events that will be going on for Troop 359, Troop 359 G, and a neighboring Troop, Troop 356. All of you were able to attend knot-tying with Troop 359 (boys) and Troop 359G (girls) and you…

Den Meeting Tuesday Night – Bring a hammer!

Howdy Bear Families! We will begin to work on our Baloo the Builder Adventure on Tuesday night. Cody’s parents(Chris and Courtney) have been working hard to acquire and prep the materials for this project! Thank you thank you! What are we building? The boys will start building a tool box! We’ll see you in Conner Hall at 6:30pm (unless I can find a larger place to work..I’ll send another email if the location in the Church changes). See you there, and bring a hammer! Sincerely, Lacey

Meeting tonight

Good afternoon, We will be meeting tonight to work on our air of the wolf elective. It will require us to go outside for a little bit so please make sure the kiddos have a coat/hoddie during that time. I will also send them home with some homework for next week. See you at 6:30. -Jacquelyn Lackey

No Meeting Tonight 12/4

Good Morning Tigers!  We will not have a meeting tonight, please use this time to work on your castles made from recyclable materials.  Please bring the castles and your scout dressed as a night to the 12/11 meeting next week!  Have a great week!


Tonight we will be meeting at the Whitehouse Fire Station at 6:30! Let’s be in our Class A uniforms. Parents are welcome to stay. If you drop off I would be back early as I don’t think it will last a complete hour! See everyone tonight!

Pack Meeting Tonight and Parade information

Hello Bear Families! How is it time for another Pack meeting???  November FLEW by!! We are meeting tonight in the sanctuary at 6:30. Please wear class A uniforms. Jason will share information about the Whitehouse Christmas Parade. Here is what I know: Scouts should be in position at the trailer by 2:30p on Saturday December 2nd at Whitehouse High School. We are in the front of the parade- positions 1 and 2.  The parade will start and end at the High School. Several Scout families are going to set up their chairs on main street by first Baptist Church or along the drive of the high school leading to the security guard post to watch the parade. See you tonight! Lacey 936-645-0707

Pack Meeting TONIGHT – Monday, November 27 – Whitehouse Christmas parade this Saturday!!

Hello ARROW SCOUT Families!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, safe travels, and lots of family fun. We have a PACK MEETING TONIGHT – Class A Uniform, WUMC 6:30pm.  ARROW Families – we need to talk for a few minutes after the Pack Meeting about our CROSSOVER and what our Scouts should be working on …. Put the upcoming events into your family calendars!! Pack 359 will be walking/riding in the Whitehouse Christmas Parade this Saturday, 12/2!!!  High 64 – chance of Rain? Put layers on under Scout Shirt so the Scout Shirt shows if possible! Might think about grabbing one of those cheap clear plastic ponchos for your scout just in case… CHRISTMAS ON MAIN – Whitehouse Christmas Celebration, Saturday, December 2nd City Park…

Troop Meeting Recap

Good Evening, Arrow Families! Scoutmaster Jason here – Thank you all for attending tonight’s Troop Meetings. I wanted to offer a quick explanation of what you all witnessed tonight. As you can tell, the excitement and energy (aka Chaos) is real at the troop level. And that’s a good thing (usually). Scouts BSA Troops are led by the youth scouts. As you saw, the older scouts were not only teaching the knots, but they were also doing their best to coordinate a group of over 30 scouts. It will not be a perfectly well-oiled machine most of the time, and that’s perfectly normal. This is the experience young men and women need to be successful later in life. Planning a meeting/event, visualizing how it will…