Den 2 News

No Meeting Tonight

Hey Arrows! I apologize for the late notice, but we will not have a meeting tonight. Don't forget about the Rose Parade this weekend! Our Den will get the first choice to carry the Flags in front of the parade. The parade will start promptly at 9 AM. Scouts need to arrive by 7:45 AM at the South East Corner of Front Street and Vine Street. Jason

AOL Meeting at 6 PM tonight!

Hey Arrows! We're meeting tonight at 6 PM. Activity Shirts (Class B) are fine for today. Don't forget to register your scouts for the year at Rose Parade is next weekend on October 16th. Mom & Me is October 22nd -24th. Register at See you tonight! Jason

Flag Retrieval

Howdy! In case you missed the message from the Pack earlier this week, it is time for us to pick up flags. If you are NOT able to pick up the same route you delivered, please let me know. Otherwise, I will assume you have it covered. If you were not able to help deliver flags, but can assist during Pick Up, please let me know. There were several routes (pack-wide) that were not covered during deliveries. Our routes are: Route A1 – McElroy Road near Camp Tyler. 11 Flags with 11 Customers Route A2 – Peninsula Road. 11 Flags with 10 Customers – Emily Russell already picked up Route A3 – Acker Tap and North Whitehouse – 8 Flags with 7 Customers – Jacen Jones Route…