Den 3 News

Pack Meeting TONIGHT!

Howdy Webelos! What a fun weekend a lot of us had. I had so much fun I almost forgot tonight is PACK meeting. This means we will meet with all the other dens and celebrate the past month. We have 3 parts that our den will be a part of during the pack meeting. Skit – Gavin will do his Run Away Piggy Bank (with lots of coins) Song – We will lead the repeat after me song from mom & me – “I'm singing in the Rain” Bobcat – Our new scouts Jonathan, Logan and Madison will be earning their Bobcat rank. Please bring your parent with you tonight to help with the Bobcat ceremony. The bear's will host a Bear Carnival at the…

Paperwork for Mom & Me

Parents, There is a bit more paperwork this year! This is coming directly from the camp director. Attached is a schedule for the time you will be with us.  We need you to take care of a couple of things this week to make check in go smooth. At this activity all adults attending must be Youth Protections Trained. To do this you must sign on to to complete the YPT training and then bring a copy of the certificate with you to check in to turn in. You must also bring a copy of your medical form parts A & B.  With this form you must include a copy of your Insurance Card front and back as well as a copy of the insureds Drivers License. You must…

Monday Night!

Howdy Webelos, Monday we will continue working on our Physical Fitness pin. We will start in the youth room and then move out to the field. Make sure your scout wears athletic clothes and closed toe shoes. We will be outside most of the den meeting so water bottles and bug spray. Remember at home your scout is to be exercising and recording their progress for 30 days. Upcoming events: Saturday, Oct 16 – Rose Parade, details from the pack will be sent later this week Saturday – Sunday Oct 23-24 Mom & Me at Pirtle  REGISTER by this Friday SWAG: Want a pack t-shirt or hat? Order today! Yours in Scouting, Kathy

Monday meeting

Happy Saturday! As I sit at the ag barn waiting on my oldest to finish up I’m using this time to prepare for our Monday den meeting. This Monday we will start inside but finish outside. Wear workout clothes and bring water and bug spray. Please look at Page 80 in your webelos book to prepare for the start of our first pin “Stronger, Faster, Hirer”. Don’t forget to turn in your health forms, YPT, and register for the pack and mom and me. The link to order t-shirts and hats should be ready Monday. Register links: I look forward to seeing everyone Monday   Yours in Scouting, Kathy        

Flag pick-up

It's going to start raining and pouring this week from the Tropical storm Nicolas. Today I will be in a den leader meeting at the church so the church will be open to receive flags from 6:30-8:00. If you can pickup the same routes you put out that would be great. B1 – Mark B2 – Ben B3 – Kenzie Routes can be found: Please mark when you pick up all the houses listed. Thanks everyone! Kathy