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The Cub Scout program is for boys in grades 1-5 or are ages 7-10. The pack is a collection of dens. The dens are small groups of boys about the same age and working on the same advancement. The Cub Scout motto is “Do Your Best”. Every scout is taught to always do your best at everything you do.

At the Den level, boys participate in learning, events, crafts, and Go See It's.  Boys learn the values of teamwork, friendship, and trust. Dens meet 2-3 times per month. The pack meets together once a month at pack meetings. Scouts are awarded at pack meetings for their accomplishments during the previous month.

The basis of the Boy Scouts of America programs is to train tomorrow's leaders. The Cub Scout program emphasizes the teaching of 12 core values. These values are taught through a fun and rewarding curriculum. Scouts are constantly learning and being recognized or rewarded for their efforts.

Once Cub Scouts bridge to Boy Scouts their training is increased. While Boy Scouts still teach core values they also add leadership training. The Boy Scout program is well known for its leadership training curriculum.

We meet on Monday's at 6:30 PM

Whitehouse United Methodist Church 405 W Main St, Whitehouse, TX 75791