Advancements – Program Changes, Check your Loops!

As several of you know, there will be program changes next year. Many of the current adventures will be retired. As your new Advancement Chair, I need your help! I have two requests for ALL parents:


1.   Log in to and check your scout's Advancement record

  • Make sure every adventure and award they have earned is marked off! If you worked on an elective adventure or award at home and didn't tell your den leader, it will not be recorded as complete unless you have marked it as such. As of August 1st, you will no longer be able to record ANY retired electives or awards (I do not know if historical records can be modified past this point either, so your best bet is to make sure everything is in there correctly). As a reminder, you have until June 1st to work on adventures for your Scouts current rank. Awards can be earned up until August 1st (just remember, supplies for patches are limited).

2.   Check you Scout's belt loops/pins/patches

  • Does your Scout have every loop/pin/patch they have earned? If you are missing any (especially for patches and soon to be retired adventures), reach out to me ASAP! We have some but may need to purchase missing items from the scout store. Supplies on patches for awards (Shooting Sports, Whittling Chip, etc.) and for retiring adventures are limited – once they're out, the scout store will not be placing more orders. Any Scout who participated in BBs, Archery, or Sling Shots at Mom and Me or Dad and Me earned the Shooting Sports award for their rank. Let me know ASAP if your Scout has not received that patch.


If your Scout is missing anything, please fill out this form: Missing Advancements/Awards

If an item is out of stock, I will reach out. Thanks!