Bear Carnival & Pack Meeting, Monday, Oct 29 @ 6pm

Howdy, Pack 359 Family!

Here is the list of things you need to know for tomorrow and Family Camp next weekend. And, other things as well.
1.  Bear Carnival – starts at 6 pm Monday in the Fellowship Hall.  Please try to make it on time as we will be starting our October Pack Meeting at 6:45pm.
2. Pack Meeting – immediately following the Bear Carnival in the church sanctuary.  Uniform for all PACK meetings is always Field (Class A).  Parents, please remind your Scouts that no candy will be eaten in the sanctuary.  Also, no HATS please.
3.  Popcorn Forms – due tomorrow after the Pack meeting.  So, if you have take order forms filled out, please bring them with the money collected.
4.  Fall Family Camp – this Friday, November 2 through Sunday, November 4.  Please see attachments for location, itinerary, what to bring, etc.  PLEASE BRING A REFILLABLE CUP for you and your Scout!!!!  Also, the restroom facilities at the top of the hill are for ADULTS only.
5.  Pack Shirts/Hats – still available at
6.  Veterans' Day – we will be helping with 3 of the elementaries Veterans' Day Program.  We are responsible for the Flag Ceremony.  We also hand out stars retired from an American flag to all the Veterans. Please be on lookout for dates and times.  Scouts wanting to participate will need to be Field (Class A) uniform.  We are also going to need help putting up the American Flags for our flag service.  More details to follow.
See you tomorrow!
Yours in Scouting,
D. Jason Phillips