Den 2

Prestige Estates Flags

Good afternoon! Sorry for the late notice but I’ve been under the weather the last couple of days. This weekend our Den is in charge of placing the 30 flags out in front of Prestige Estates. We will meet Sunday at 4 at 6928 Paluxy Dr. You will need to park along Roy Rd near Paluxy for the better spots. Please have your kids in their Class A uniform. Many hands make for light work. Thank you,   Jacquelyn

Blue & Gold

Good evening Wolves families,   Tomorrow evening is the Blue & Gold ceremony and I’m happy to say that ALL the wolves completed all their requirements and then some. Bears here we come!!   Blue and Gold is at the Whitehouse First Baptist Church 801 Center (801 E Main St, Whitehouse, TX 75791)! For those who ordered dinner, serving starts at 6 PM. The Blue & Gold Ceremony will begin at 7 PM.   Please let me know if your child can or cannot make it just so I know who to look for during ceremony time. Please remember to wear your Class A (minus the hat) and know that one parent/guardian will be asked to come on stage to stand up with their cub…

Pack meeting/flag ceremony

Good afternoon Wolves family, Tonight is our final Pack meeting before blue and gold. The meeting tonight will be all about the Solar Eclipse. Our wolves will be in charge of the flag ceremony so please make sure they are in their class A uniform (minus the hat). I will meet you in the back of the church to get them lines up around 6:25.   Also, there are 40+ spots left to purchase a $5.00 dinner plate of pizza before the pack meeting. To get yours please go to and click on the pizza tab.   -Jacquelyn & Cody

All about flags

Good Afternoon Wolves Family, Tonight we will be working to complete the final requirements that we will do as a den and that is flags. We will learn how to properly care for our flag. We will also practice our part in next weeks pack meeting. If you got a text from me about completing other requirements please keep working on them. If you have completed them please get with me so I can get the dates from you. See y’all tonight!! Jacquelyn and Cody

DINOmite Tuesday meeting

Good afternoon wolves families. This week our meeting will be on Tuesday at 6:30. As the header suggests the meeting will be all about dinosaurs and Digging into the Past. We will be excavating dinosaurs from Dino eggs, making our own edible fossils and a couple other dinosaur related activities. Hope to see everyone there. -Jacquelyn

Community Service

Good Afternoon Wolves family, We will be meeting tonight at our usual time and working on our Cubs who care elective. One of our upcoming requirements includes the need for a community service project. The Whitehouse Methodist Church is holding a Souper Bowl Sunday canned food drive and I would love for our Den to participate in helping them reach their goals. So  if you could, please bring a couple cans to any of the meetings this month so I can mark your child down as having participated. In the next couple of weeks I will be reaching out to anyone who may have missed some meetings that involved a required adventure. I will let you know what part(s) are missing and then as you…


Good afternoon will we family, We will be meeting tonight at 6:30. Tonight’s meeting will be about all about coins. We will end the meeting with the much anticipated good behavior ice cream rewards.

Healthy Picnic and kite homework

Happy Saturday wolves family, I have sent out the sign for our “Healthy” picnic via signup genius. We have a new cub joining us Monday so that will bring our total to 11. Please don’t forget the homework assignment of helping the kids make a kite out of items you have at home and bringing it Monday so we can test it first thing before we lose all the light. Hope to see everyone there. -Jacquelyn

Meeting tonight

Good afternoon, We will be meeting tonight to work on our air of the wolf elective. It will require us to go outside for a little bit so please make sure the kiddos have a coat/hoddie during that time. I will also send them home with some homework for next week. See you at 6:30. -Jacquelyn Lackey