Den Meetings and Flag Sales

Good Evening Pack 359,

There will be no more den meetings this school year as we are gearing up for Summer Fun!
Please add the following dates to your calendar.
  • June 7th Movie in the Park, location: Whitehouse City Park
  • June 10-14th Webelos Resident Camp, Location: Camp Pirtle
           Sign-up here:
           Use the discount code: CAMP19 for a 35% discount (only use the code once if registering for both this and day camp)
  • June 17th-21st Wo-Ha-Li District Day camp
            Sign-up here:
            Use the discount Code: CAMP19  for a 35% discount
  • July 20th Pack 359 Overnighter, location: Mid America Museum, Hot Springs, AR (details to follow)
  • August, Dad and Lad Cake Bake date TBD
Flag Sales, Flag Sales, Flag Sales!!!!
We need to sell some flags to help fund all our awesome cool activities!  If the pack sells 30 flags before May 21st the Jason's will get to pie Mrs. Kathy and me in the face!  I have door hangers with me so if you want some please let me know and we can meet up.  I'm in Whitehouse daily!  Here is the link for flag sales if you already know of people wanting to join!
Yours in Scouting, 
Somer Bockover