Den Meetings, Monday, 12/3/17 @ 6:30PM

Howdy, Pack 359 Family……

Thanks for all who participated this weekend in the Whitehouse Christmas Parade and Christmas Parade.  We had a GREAT showing!!
A couple of announcements (or, just one):
1.  Popcorn Prize Selection – if your Scout sold Popcorn this year, please go to to select your Scout's prize.  We need this by tomorrow please.  We will be presenting the prizes at the December Pack Meeting on Monday, December 17.
Here are the room assignments for Monday's meeting:
1.  Lions – Whitehouse Fire Department
2.  Tigers – Discovery Room
3.  Wolves – Side by Side Classroom
4.  Bears – Pike Hall
5.  Webelos – Fellowship Hall
6.  AOL – Church Sanctuary
That is all for now!
Yours in Scouting,
D. Jason Phillips