Den Meetings, Monday, October 9

Hello, Pack 359 Family!!

Here is some helful information and den meeting locations for tomorrow.
Couple of reminders:
1.  Popcorn – Take home order sheets are due Monday, October 16.  Please remember to sign up for show and sells.
2.  Tyler Rose Parade – Saturday, October 21.  More information to follow.
3.  Cowboys Overnighter – Friday, November 3.  You must sign up online at  Registration and payment is due Monday, October 16.
Here are the room assignments for tomorrow's meeting:
1.  Tiger– Discovery Room
2.  Wolves – outside meeting to sell popcorn.  Please see your den leader's separate email
3.  Bears – Pike Hall
4.  Webelos – meeting at ETMC.  Please see den leader's separate email.
5.  Arrow of Light – Fellowship Hall
IMPORTANT:  Next week's meeting, Monday, October 16 will be for dropping off popcorn take order sheets, paying for Cowboys, and distributing new Pack activity shirts.  There will be no formal Den Meetings!!
Thanks for all you do!
Yours in Scouting,
D. Jason Phillips