Final Rose Parade Info

Howdy Pack!

We've had many questions for tomorrow's Rose Parade. Here are the final details.

What To Wear –
Scouts – Wear your Class A uniforms with Neckerchief. (Lions – Your blue lion shirt is your Class A). IF your scout has a scout hat, wear it. If not, no biggie, we get to see those smiles better 🙂

Parents In The Parade – If you have a Class A uniform, wear it, please. If you have a Pack T-shirt, wear that. If you do not have either, no biggie, we'll have last year's shirt there on site (we are out of some sizes). Looks like the weather will be about 65 when the parade begins, so you'll likely have a jacket on anyway 🙂 Lions & Tiger parents MUST ride on the trailer or walk with it.

Where to Meet and Park –
Scouts need to meet at the corner of Front St and Glenwood, across the street from the EMS Dispatch Building beginning at 7:30. The parade kicks off at 9:00 AM

Park anywhere around Rose Stadium and East Texas Fair complex and enjoy the parade where you can find a spot along the parade route (or Stadium).

Where to Pickup –
Please be at the stadium parking lot to pick up your scout. Typically Parents will wait at the stadium, pickup the scout, then head into the stadium and enjoy the rest of the Parade.

Oh, and Saturday popcorn is Cancelled (Sunday is still on)!

See you bright and early in the morning!