Flag Service Retrieval Help Needed!!

Howdy, Pack 359!!

You've probably seen the awesome American flags out and about this Presidents' Day.  You know who posted those!!  We did.  However, we are needing a stronger showing of Scouts to help with this endeavor.  Our Flag Service helps us raise money so we can keep YOUR costs low!!!  Without fundraising, your costs for Scouting would be so much more.  Remember, we prorate membership fees, pay for awards, help cover camping and overnight expenses, etc, etc etc.  This can't be done unless we raise money!!
Come help us cover your costs.  It only takes about 1 hour of your time.
So, this Friday, 2/22/19, we will be meeting at the Whitehouse UMC at 5:00 pm to go collect those flags.  Uniform, as always, is Field (Class A).
Please come out and help support your Pack.  It's a TEAM effort!!!!
Yours in Scouting,
D. Jason Phillips