Flag Volunteer Position Signups

Hi everyone,

Now that we are all getting settled into a new scouting year, let's talk about flags! Flags play a vital role in Pack 359 and fund the majority of all the things we get to do! Your help is essential to our pack running smoothly and we are asking that everyone pick at least one position (you of course can pick more than one). Below you will find a link to sign up for a flag job and all descriptions of positions!! Don't worry, if we all pitch in this will barely seem like a job!

Flag delivery- You will need a vehicle that can carry flags!! Deliver and place flags on designated route.

Flag Pickup-You will need a vehicle that can carry flags!! Pick up flags on designated route and return to the church.

Flag Installation-You will need a vehicle that can carry flags!! Drilling whole in ground, place flag, and spray-paint logo on curb.

Flag Inspection and repair- Replace torn flags with new ones, clean dirty flags.

Flag Building-Build new flags, find ways to reuse old flags, bend conduit (cut bent portions to use on routes that require ground stakes)

Flag Staging- Placing flags outside the church before flag delivery according to routes.

Flag Retirement-Prepare flags for retirement, cut out stars to present to Veterans on Veteran's Day or at other programs.

Link for flag volunteer positions

Thanks for all you do to help your scout!

Derrick Nash

Flag Coordinator