Important Den Meeting, Monday, 5/7/18

Hello, Pack 359 Family!!!
Monday, 5/7/18, we will ALL be meeting in the Fellowship Hall at 6:30 pm.
From there, we will split off from the church to assigned neighborhoods to place door hangers.
Door hangers, you ask???
Well, we are starting a new fundraising effort to supplement our Popcorn sales.  We are still going to sell Popcorn but are trying an alternate plan for revenue.
We will be providing a flag service for the Whitehouse area.  We will initially install and then place flags for 7 patriotic holidays.  We are trying to get this project off the ground for Memorial Day.
So, tomorrow is the 1st step in this new endeavor.  We need your help to place door hangers to advertise for our flag service!
Uniform is Field (Class A).
See you tomorrow!!
Yours in Scouting,
D. Jason Phillips