Meeting tomorrow outside across from Pike Hall

Hi Tiger Families!

Tomorrow's meeting will be outside! I think the kiddos will enjoy the change. In the scout email that went out, we mentioned meeting under that pavilion outside. However, we've been invite to hike around the property down the hill from the church tomorrow. Therefore, the best place to meet will be in the grassy area across from Pike Hall. (In the area where we did our square foot hike if you remember that). Scouts should have their SIX ESSENTIALS for Scouting in their back packs. If you missed last week, I have a pack for you.  Please be sure that there are batteries in the flashlight by tomorrow's meeting. We will most likely need them for our trek back to the parking lot. Be sure to wear appropriate foot wear as well.

After we meet at the the parking lot, we'll walk across the lawn to the Pike family's property. Their house is the one with all the solar panels that you can see from the Church parking lot. They have deer feeders near their house so we can look for hoof prints. We will also talk about how to identify different kinds of trees.

Also, our scouts will need to watch two videos on online safety to earn their cyber chip by the end of March  Nichole and I thought it would be a great at-home activity. Here is the link to the videos Cyber Chip Videos. You do not have to order the cyber chip blue card.

You will also need to complete the Duty to God requirement on page 82 with your family.

Also- any families able to come at 6:00 to help put flags up in the storeroom are welcome! There are lots of flags stacked outside of the church that we could help put away. If you're not able to come that early, no worries!

See you tomorrow.