Meeting Tonight

Hello Bear Families!

We are going to meet in the sanctuary today to start learning the flag ceremony. We will also work a little more with our pocket knives. There are a couple more activities we need to do to earn our BEAR CLAWS belt loop. We are also going to make a gift for Tire Worx as a “thank-you” for sponsoring our tool boxes. I painted a tool box blue and have a yellow paint pen we can use to sign our names on the tool box. Let's also fill it with snacks and treats for the crew at Tire Worx.

What to Bring:

a Scout in Uniform , a pocket knife that the Scout knows how to open and close, SNACKS and TREATS for our friends at Tire Worx. 

Save the date: Saturday, February 17th at noon we have a tour at the Smith County Historical Museum

Thank-you and see you soon!