Nature Journals, Flag Placement this Sunday

Hello Tiger Families!

It was so fun to see everyone last night! I hope the kiddos had fun and learned a little bit. Please encourage your kids to use their journals to observe nature this week. They can share some of the things they saw with the group next Monday.

Flag Placement:

Please meet at the church on Sunday at 4:00 to come and learn how to place flags and to learn some of the routes for our den. Our den will be responsible for the same routes all year (and every year). We are hoping this makes placing and picking up flags more “stream-lined.”

Thank-you so much in advance, and I'll see you on Sunday at 4:00! If your scout has a uniform, please have him or her wear it. If not, that is okay.

One more thing…I have been doing the scout sign WRONG! I am so sorry and embarrassed. For the scout sign our right arm should be raised high and our fingers apart like wolf ears.

Thank you!

Please feel free to call or text me anytime: 936-645-0707