We're going to the Space Center Houston!!!

1601 E NASA Parkway, Houston, TX 77058

Saturday, June 15th OR Saturday, July 20th

That's right, we have TWO OPTIONS available. Choose your preferred date when you register below. We will reach out to you if your preferred date is unavailable. Spots for both dates are limited, so reserve yours TODAY!

We are SOLD OUT. We have filled the 77 tickets we ordered.

To be added to the waitlist, please email etacpack359@gmail.com and specify your preferred date.

About the Program

Space Center Houston engages Scouts in an interactive and hands-on learning environment. Participants will have an enriched experience in our overnights that teaches Scouts about the science, technology, engineering and mathematics involved with space exploration. Overnight Experiences provides a unique visitation experience to our Center filled with historical space artifacts and engaging STEM-based activities to inspire guests of all ages to become involved in humanity’s future amongst the stars.

Each overnight is tailored to the individual ages of the Scouts. The activities are badge-inspired, STEM-based and all about space! Come experience Space Center Houston’s Boy Scouts of America Overnight activities. Immerse yourself in a setting where your imagination can take flight as you design, build, create, program and launch into a new world of opportunity and exploration.

Demonstrate Scout leadership skills as you work with your peers to solve the real-world problems NASA often encounters. How can you make an astronaut’s job easier? How do you program a robot? How do you plan an astronaut rescue mission on Mars? Get ready to launch into an incredible experience in our Boy Scouts of America Overnights.


  • Who can attend?
    • Families involved in any official scouting organization can attend a Scout Overnight Experience. They are also open to immediate and extended family of any scout. Troops, packs, and dens can come as a group as well. All attendees must be five years old or older. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/chaperone.
    • What is my role as an adult during Scout Overnights?
      • Your role as a troop leader/pack leader/parent/guardian is very important during the overnight. During this time, we all want to be safe. Space Center Houston supports a healthy and inviting environment for all. As we work together, a strong community develops, and we look to you to help your child to engage and enjoy the event in a safe way for all.
      • Adult chaperones or leaders will be responsible for maintaining your group’s adherence to the program’s guidelines. Violation of these policies may result in removal of the participant from the program.
      • Please feel free to abide by your organization’s policies. We understand and respect that you may require two adults from your troop or pack to go with the groups when they are dismissed and that is completely acceptable.
      • Leaders are encouraged to:
        • Participate with your camper(s) and enjoy this unique experience together. Make memories that will last for a lifetime.
        • Encourage the engagement of the campers in the activities.
        • After lights-out, it is up to you to keep your group quiet and settled.
  • What is Included in an Overnight Experience?
    • Included in our overnight experiences is dinner, a variety of hands-on educational activities, breakfast, a tram tour, and a general admission ticket that may be used during the first or second day of the overnight.
  • Travel Tips
    • We are located at 1601 E. NASA Parkway, Houston, TX 77058
    • Traffic can be an issue, even on a Saturday so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to travel. If your group/troop/pack is traveling in separate vehicles, make sure all drivers have a way to contact each other.
    • Remember to search for “Space Center Houston” and not “NASA” or “Johnson Space Center” on your GPS.
  • Sleeping Arrangements
    • Overnight Experiences offer a unique opportunity to sleep next to flown space artifacts. We offer both indoor and outdoor sleeping accommodations.
      • INDOOR SLEEPING: We will have assigned locations for each of your groups arranged inside the center to maintain social distancing between groups.
        • You will not need a tent, but will still need to bring your own bedding (sleeping bags, cots, sheets, etc.)
        • Air mattresses are currently allowed indoors but must be single-sized to maximize spacing. You may use one of our outlets to blow them up.
        • You will be setting up at the conclusion of the rocket launch at 10 p.m. Please keep your bedding in your vehicle until that time.
      • OUTDOOR SLEEPING: You may choose to opt out of your assigned indoor sleeping spot by camping outside under the twice-flown SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket or under the historic shuttle carrier aircraft that ferried space shuttles 223 times. Space Center Houston is the only place in the world where you can sleep under a Falcon 9 rocket.
        • You will need to bring a tent along with your own bedding (sleeping bag with a sleeping pad, air mattress, or cot are recommended).
        • You will be setting up tents upon arrival. We recommend that you arrive earlier in the check-in time to ensure you find the ideal spot to set your tent.
        • Tents should be no larger 10x10x10 ft. If you are planning on sleeping more than 3 people in a tent, you may request permission to bring a larger one from overnights@spacecenter.org
        • Space Center Houston does not provide tents/outdoor camping gear. If you discover that your tent is damaged or unusable, we do not have any replacements. You can choose to sleep outdoors without a tent or we can move you inside.
        • The main flood lights will be turned off but the stairwell and elevator shaft to the shuttle and plane will stay lit. Overall, it will be dark but there will still be light in the area.
        • We have reserved extra space inside either our main building or the events building that can accommodate everyone in case of bad weather. We will not require everyone to sleep inside unless the rain is substantial.
      • OFFSITE SLEEPING: You may also choose to attend the program but choose to stay offsite. If this is something in which you are interested, please let the Lead Instructor know before leaving the evening of your event, so that they may prepare for your return in the morning.
    • Will it be quiet?
      • Space Center Houston is located in an urban area and there are busy streets surrounding the facility. The outdoor camp sites are located across the parking lot from the main road. There are typically very few cars passing by overnight but just be aware that you may hear emergency vehicle sirens or some cars passing by in the distance.
      • For indoor sleeping, our custodial staff will be working in unoccupied areas throughout the center. They tend to keep noise down, but if you are a light sleeper, a pair of ear plugs might not be a bad idea to bring.
    • Will there be restrooms/showers nearby?
      • There are restrooms located inside the building and in the outdoor camping area. There are no showers.
    • Will I have access to my vehicle?
      • After lights-out the facility will be completely locked down and monitored by Security. If you need to access your vehicle or depart in the middle of the night, then let our Security team know.
    • Will I be able to charge my device?
      • We save the locations nearest to outlets, both indoors and outdoors, for guests who require CPAP accommodations. We recommend bringing a charging bank if you need to charge your phone. We also have charging banks available for rent in towers spread out throughout the center.
    • Will there be overnight staff on site?
      • Yes, there will be a full staff of Security guards monitoring the building and grounds as well as one of our Education Leads.
  • What should I bring?
    • Clothing: Comfortable, casual clothes and good walking shoes are recommended.
      • Remember to bring a jacket or sweater no matter what time of year you are coming. The building often gets cold in the evenings.
      • Pajamas and slip-on shoes for the evening (shoes must always be worn when walking around the center or outside for safety reasons.)
    • Backpacks, duffle bags or small roller suitcases “carry-on” sized luggage is ideal.
    • Basic toiletries: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and hairbrushes are ideal. Wet wipes are a great way to freshen up since we do not have showers.
    • Charging banks: Outlets will not be available to everyone. Charging banks are a great idea and allow you to charge your device without an outlet.
    • Money: If you would like to purchase an exclusive Overnight T-shirt or patch, or even something from our gift shop or Food Lab during your second day experience, it is recommended to bring some additional money.
    • Food/snacks: Additional snacks/waters may be brought, but must be consumed outdoors or inside our Food Lab.
  • What should I NOT bring?
    • Please keep in mind that you will be sleeping near other guests. We ask that you show the same courtesy and respect to them that you would like them to show you.
    • Things that are prohibited for Overnight Experiences:
      • Glow sticks (flashlights and phone lights are ok)
      • Electrical hair appliances (blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons etc.)
      • Alcoholic Beverages.
      • Unregistered guests
      • Only registered participants can attend an overnight. Chaperones are not permitted to bring any children who are not registered or who do not meet the designated age level or gender requirements for an overnight.
  • Meals
    • Two meals are included as part of your ticket cost. We will be providing Dinner on Day-1 and Breakfast on Day-2 of the Event. If you are coming with a group as part of a Private Overnight Experience, you will need to get with your group leader to see the menu for your event. Any public Scouting or Family events will have the following menus for the event:
      • Dinner: Grilled Chicken Parmesan
        • Served with Pasta, Steamed Veggies, Bread Roll, Cookies, Bottled Water, and Coffee for Adults
        • Dietary Note: Contains tomatoes and several types of cheese
      • Breakfast: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Burritos
        • Served with Muffins, Fresh Fruit, Juice, Coffee for Adults
        • If you have an egg allergy, please denote it on your medical info on you online registration at least 2-weeks before the event. You will receive a Vegan meal accommodation for just the Breakfast.
    • All our meals will have gluten-free, pork-free, vegetarian, and vegan variations to them. These must be chosen at least 2 weeks prior to the event in your digital registration.
    • You can bring your own food if needed for dietary restrictions. All food must be stored in vehicles until mealtime.
  • Medical Condition Accomodations
    • If you need an accommodation for any condition or disability, please fill out your digital registration as early as possible, so we can be able to fulfill the request. While we will not be able to accommodate everything, we are willing to work with you. Any accommodations need to be declared in your digital registration at least 2 weeks in advance in order to be considered.  Below are some of the more common accommodation requests:
    • CPAP: If you need to bring a CPAP machine, please let us know during your registration, so that we may assign you a sleeping location near an outlet. If you did not request CPAP accommodations during registration, but need one, please contact the coordinator at least a week before your event.
    • Dietary Restrictions or Food Allergies: We can provide gluten-free, pork-free, vegetarian, and vegan meal variations to all our meals. These must be requested online as part of your digital registration. All meal accommodation must be chosen at least 2 weeks in advance to be guaranteed. If you have a different dietary restriction to one of the 4 listed above, denote it in your medical information during your online registration. These also need to be in at least 2 weeks before the event in order to be accommodated. If we are unable to accommodate a dietary restriction, you are permitted to bring your own meals to the Center.
    • Medication: If you or your child need to take prescription medicine during the Overnight Experience, you will need to bring and administer it yourself. Our instructors and overnight staff will not administer any medication to anyone. If a child is bringing prescription medicine that needs to be taken during the overnight, then either their parent/guardian or troop/pack leader must administer it to them.
  • Do I need to submit any forms prior to my Overnight Experience?
    • Yes. Please fill out your digital registration. This will allow us to better service you during your stay. These registrations need to be submitted 2 weeks before the event if you require any sort of accommodation in order to be confirmed. Filling this out late will result in you not receiving your requested accommodation. The following will be asked of you during digital registration:
      • General Admission: Would you like to use your General Admission ticket before or after the Overnight?
      • Sleeping Arrangements: Will you be sleeping indoors, outdoors, or offsite?
      • Meal Order: Would you like a regular, gluten-free, pork-free, vegetarian, or vegan meal reserved for you?
      • Medical Information: This allows us to know of any potential issues, dietary restrictions, or medical accommodations that you might need before the event.
      • Image Release: The Manned Space Flight Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation offering extensive science education programs and a space museum. We may use materials and photos from its educational programs for educational, promotional, and internal purposes. Please elect whether you allow photos of you to be used in this capacity.
  • What to expect during the evening:
    • During our Scout Overnights, scouts will be working on space-related badges or awards. Scouts will be broken out into groups and rotated to various stations in order to complete various NASA-related STEM challenges throughout our center that will apply to their badge/reward requirements. To see more information about which badge/award we are currently going for, please see the main page for your program.
  • How do I purchase Overnight Experience t-shirts and patches?
    • You will be able to purchase an “I Camped in Space” T-shirt or patch during your event. Our shirt is available in sizes Youth Medium through Adult 2XL.
      • T-shirts – $15
        Patches – $8
    • Normally purchases for shirts will open during dinner. Our Lead will let provide instructions for purchasing during the welcome show the evening of your event.
    • Preorders are not currently available. Previous years’ T-shirt designs will be available at a discounted rate while supply lasts.
  • How does Day 2 of the Overnight Experience Work?
    • This program comes with a General Admission ticket for each registrant.  You have two options on when to utilize this ticket.
      • Option 1: Before your Overnight – Use your General Admission ticket before the Overnight Experience. Arrive at the Center and pick up your Overnight wristbands from the Guest Services desk right inside the Center.  
        • Additional General Admission tickets can be purchased for $12.95 each should you have family members that wish to join you for your General Admission experience. Additional guests will not be able to stay past 5:45PM.    
        • Note: With this option, you will be expected to leave at 10:00AM following the tram tour to Johnson Space Center on Day 2 of your event.  
      • Option 2: After your Overnight – Use your General Admission ticket the day after your Overnight Experience. After your tram tour to Johnson Space Center, you will be released to explore the Center; experience various live shows, films, exhibits, and photo opportunities at your own pace.  
        • Additional General Admission tickets can be purchased for $12.95 each should you have family members that wish to join you for your General Admission experience.   
        • Additional guests may join you at 10:00AM at the Center. 
    • While T-shirts and patches are being sold, we will also be selling discounted general admission tickets at $12.95. This will allow your additional group members to join you in the morning at 10 a.m. after your tram tour.


  • 5:00 p.m. – Check-in
  • 6:00 p.m. – Welcome Show
  • 6:15 p.m. – Catered Dinner
  • 7:00 p.m. – Activities Conducted
  • 10:00 p.m. – Get ready for bed
  • 11:00 p.m. – Lights out


  • 6:45 a.m. – Wake-up / pack-up / load gear in vehicles 
  • 7:45 a.m. – Catered Breakfast
  • 8:20 a.m. – ISS Space Explorers Film
  • 9:00 a.m. – Tram Tour of NASA Johnson Space Center
  • 10:00 a.m. – Dismissed.

Please note: The above morning schedule is subject to change without notice. Length of tram tour and the locations visited may vary based on availability.

Participants must be at least 5 years of age.

Our Pack is covering $50 of this fee for registered cubs (prior year Arrow of Light scouts included) and one accompanying adult. Thanks to our year-long flag fundraiser, the cost to you is only $25 per scout/accompanying adult! Registration closes on May 10th, 2024. Fill out the form below and reserve your spots today!

Upon successful registration, you will receive a link to add each attendee to our group reservation with Space Center Houston. There you will input medical information, complete a release form, choose sleeping arrangements and meal options, etc. This must be completed individually for each attendee.

Maximum number of entries exceeded. Please reach out to Pack 359 at etacpack359@gmail.com for assistance.