Pack Meeting Tonight

Hello Wolf Families!

I hope you all had a great race day. I can't wait to hear about it tonight. Tonight is the Pack meeting. Please wear you Class A uniform (button-up blue shirts and neckerchief).

I hope you're ready to sing our song. Here is a link to the email with the song lyrics. Remember we changed “Dog” to “Wolf” and that we are going to HOWL at the end. I'll be there early tonight so we can practice before we perform.

Flags- GREAT JOB everyone on a great flag delivery. We put out all of the flags on our route (with help from a mystery person who did route C2). Also a BIG THANK YOU to Eric and Rochele Sivula for all of their help with the flag program. They have done a lot to help it run more smoothly.

I've attached a tentative schedule through April for our Den. PS. It does not contain all pack events.

See you tonight!