Pinewood Derby Signups – Volunteers URGENTLY NEEDED for Build Day

I know some families were unable to make it to our Pack meeting on the 8th, and with no den meetings this week Pinewood Derby has not been on everyone's mind. Our Build Day is fast approaching, and we are in desperate need of volunteers. Build day is a time when families can come use tools loaned to the Pack by one of the WMC church members. You have the chance to redrill axles (if you want), get your car cut with a band saw, use a drill press to cut out a spot for weights, sand your car and wheels, and polish your axles. Essentially, all you would have to do after build day is paint. This is a great opportunity for families who do not have all of these tools at their disposal, but we need your help to offer this. We need volunteers to operate the band saws, assist with templates and re-drilling axles, show families how to polish axles and sand wheels, as well as general support. As of now we have ZERO volunteers for build day. If we do not get any volunteers soon, build day will be cancelled. No prior experience with Pinewood Derby is necessary, as long as you have the power tool know-how. If you are able to sign up for a shift at Build Day, please do so here: 2023-2024 Cub Scouts: Pinewood Derby Build Day Help 2024 (

The deadline for volunteer signups is Tuesday evening. If we do not have enough help by then, Build Day will be cancelled.


Here is the signup for Build Day slots – please reserve your start time in advance. This helps with the flow of people through the different stations. Cub Scouts: Pinewood Derby Build Day 2024 (


Cars will be passed out at den meetings next week to Scouts who did not attend the Pack meeting on the 8th. We will also have extra car kits available for $7.50 each. Go to Pinewood Derby – Cub Scout Pack 359 ( for more information, rules, and to purchase extra car kits.


The theme for the race is the 359 Classic: Vintage Edition.