Popcorn Show N Sells – Week 11

Howdy Pack 359 Family!!

This weekend we have Sales at Lowe's. Saturday's Sales will start as soon as the Rose Parade is finished. There are more open slots on Sunday.

Please remember, an Adult MUST STAY WITH THE SCOUT!

Simply reply to this email with your desired time slot, and we will send you a confirmation once scheduled.  If you do not get a reply before Friday, send an email to etacpack359@gmail.com

Here are the available Shifts –


  • 11a-1p (Starts when we get there)
  • 1p-3p
  • 3p – 5p


  • 9a – 11a
  • 11a – 1p
  • 1p – 3p
  • 3p – 5p

Thanks for all you do!