Rose Parade and Popcorn!

Dear Pack 359 Family,
1. Tyler Rose Parade – this Saturday, October 20.  Here are the details on the parade.
We will be #3 in the lineup behind the City of Tyler Fire Truck. The parade route is about 1.25 miles. 
Gathering:  We will gather at the intersection of Glenwood and Houston Streets at between 7:30 and 8:00am. A few minutes after 8:00am, we will move down to our staging area at Glenwood and Front Street.  Please be early!  Parade security may keep latecomers from entering the route.  Parade starts at 9:00am.  Josh Jones and Joanne Murski will be in charge of sign in and sign out of Scouts.
Parking:  The best locations to park are Mike Carter Baseball Field or Peete Elementary School.  Keep in mind that many of the roads in the area will be barricaded off.  Peete is the closet to the starting line.  Mike Carter is the closest to the end.  It would be best to enter either parking area from Bellwood road.  Stay away from Houston and Glenwood as traffic and participant congestion will be bad.  Enter Bellwood from Gaston, Peach, or Lyons. 
All Lions & Tigers must ride on the trailer that will be located at the Glenwood and Front Street location. All Lions & Tigers must have a Lion or Tiger parent walking in the parade. If a Lion or Tiger parent is unable to make the walk, they can ride on the trailer.   All Scouts participating in the parade need to be in Field (Class A) uniform with neckerchiefs and hats (except LIONS, of course).  Leaders, if you have a Field (Class A) uniform, please wear it.  Also, any parents wanting to walk must wear a Pack T-shirt and pants/shorts.  Be sure to wear closed toe shoes.  No flip flops. 
Not all parents need to walk with their child.   In fact, due to the number of boys, the parade has asked that we limit the number of parents.  If you choose not to walk, here are some important things to know:
   1.  At the drop off area, check in with Josh Jones or Joanne Murski.  When the parade is over, check out with either Josh Jones or Joanne Murski when you pick up your Scout. 
   2.  The parade will end at the Rose Stadium.  Parents, please watch the parade route and stand at the exiting side of Rose Stadium. 
   3.  You can stay and watch the parade, but please pick up your child first so our parent walkers can leave.
One more tip, bring chairs/cooler with water for the parade. 
This is an excellent time to show off our Pack as we lead the parade!!  I would love to have as many SCOUTS as possible.  The AOL and Webelos will be carrying the Flags for the parade.
2.  POPCORN – We have this weekend and next weekend to sell.  Unfortunately, Lowe's is not an option for both Saturday's.  So, we have Super 1 both Saturday and Sunday of each weekend, and Lowe's on Sunday of each weekend.  If you already signed up for a Saturday shift at Lowe's, we have moved you to the Super 1 location on Centennial. If you want to sign up for a shift, you must go through the Trail's End app.  Download it at  When registering for the first time, be sure to enter East Texas Area Council, then WoHaLi district, then PACK 359.  Uniform is always Field (Class A) for selling popcorn.
Thanks for you do!  I'll let you know if the Rose Parade cancels secondary to weather.
Yours in Scouting, 
D. Jason Phillips