Splash Pad and Updates

Hello Bear Families! (Can you get used to the new Rank we are working on?) Yes- we are now working on our Bear Rank Patch! Nicole and I are excited about our new adventures!

A few reminders and announcements:

  1. Reminder- Come to the Whitehouse Splash Pad this Saturday, August 5th at 6:00pm- it's free. Bring a friend!

2. Along with Nicole as our Assistant Den Leader, we have a new adult leader here to help keep us organized! Courtney Jennings, Cody's mom, is going to help keep us updated in Scoutbook with each new adventure we complete. Thank you Courtney!

3. You can make a parent account in Scoutbook to track your child's Scouting journey. Visit www.scoutbook.scouting.org   

3. Thank you for sending us your preferred meeting day. I'll be able to send the meeting night out to you ASAP, as well as a calendar for the rest of the year.

Thank-you, thank-you parents for all you do!