Whitehouse Christmas Parade Details

Good Evening Pack!

For families helping decorate our float (We really NEED help), please be at the church next to the flag door by 10 AM Saturday. We'll decorate the float there and then move it to the High School for the Parade.

Our Scouts and Parents marching in the Parade need to be at the WHS Student Parking Lot no later than 2:15. Lion and Tiger scouts will ride on the Trailer. We are first in the parade, so we will finish fairly quickly. The Parade will kick off at 3:30 PM, and we'll likely be finished by 4:15 when Scouts need to be picked up. Don't forget to sign-in and sign-out your scout.

Scouts need to be in Class A uniforms (layers vs coats). Parents marching can be wearing Class A uniforms or a Pack T-Shirt.

After dropping off your scout with the group, the best place to park/sit to watch the parade will be Holloway Middle School, First Baptist Church, or the car lane coming into the high school. We have the map attached below.