Whitehouse Christmas Parade

Good afternoon, Pack 359 Family!!!

The Whitehouse Christmas Parade is tomorrow, Saturday, Dec 2.  Step-off is 10 am.  All participants should be at the starting line no later than 9 AM.  You must enter Stanton-Smith Elementary from 346/Main Street.  Remember, uniform is Field (Class A).   We will have the older Scouts lead with the flags, much like the Tyler Rose Parade.
You are able to pass out candy, but CANNOT throw it.  So, bring candy, if desired.
Parents are encouraged to wear the blue activity Pack shirt.  Tiger Parents must walk alongside the trailer.
Thank you for all the volunteers that signed up for Holiday in the Park.  We will be conducting an archery booth as well as information booth.  We are also approved to sell some popcorn.  Get rid of that White Cheddar!!!
Here is the link to the parade route (it starts at Stanton Smith Elementary):  
See you tomorrow!
Yours in Scouting, 
D. Jason Phillips
PS –  Wear a Santa hat if you have one!