YOU can help with this!!! (New Member Coordinator and Uniform Closet)

Howdy, Pack 359 Family!!!!

Our new Scouting year is about to start, and we need your help.  I have a couple of awesome opportunities for you, as adults.  And, the time commitment is NOTHING!!
1.  New Member Coordinator – You all remember how lost your were when Scouts came into your life.  What the heck is this uniform, what language are they speaking, SCOUTBOOK, campouts…….so much information overload.  We are making a new position with the Pack, the New Member Coordinator.  This person is the GO TO person for all those confused new and current parents.  Answer questions, give reassurance……And, you don't have to wear the lovely khaki shirt.   If you complete your training, I, Jason Phillips, will personally pay for your awesome RED polo shirt.  So, if you think you're interested, go to and complete the training.  Once completed, I will personally buy your awesome RED shirt that stands out in the crowd.  We'll point all those lost souls in the right direction, because most Scouts quit when their parents are not informed.
2.  Uniform Closet – Everyone knows that the uniform is a vital part of the Scouting program.  But, dang, why does it cost so much???  This cost can be a setback for many families.  So, we are starting a Uniform Closet for Pack 359 of gently used uniform shirts, pants, shorts, hats, neckerchiefs, etc.  If you think you can help run this project or know how to contact companies/people that could help with this, let me know.  No child should be denied participation in the Scouting movement just because they can't afford the uniform.  I believe this is a program that can succeed for years to come.
So, if you want to get involved, but not wear the Khaki… me personally at, and let's make our Pack even better than it already is.
Yours in Scouting,
D. Jason Phillips
AOL Den Leader