Advancement Update


I'm using my banker holiday to get caught up in Scoutbook and look at ordering plaques and arrows. re are the

Below are what is missing. Please let me know ASAP if these are done.

Troop Activity: Gavin and Mark

Duty to God: Aurora, Mark, Gavin, Santi

I have reached out to the plaque maker on if we can each order individually to pay for the plaque. I'm waiting to hear back. Plaque I am looking at is here

Arrows are $17.75 each. I will place an order for 8 later today. You can pay me back. Arrows are from Vince's arrows

AOL last campout and where I hope to award each scout with the AOL.
March 31 – April 2 at Mission Tejas Park. Park Entry fee is $3 per adult (13 an up)

Crossover will be at Blue and Gold on April 15 – they will build the bridge and then walk over to their troop or walk over to complete their stint in scouts.


Yours in Scouting