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Last minute scout store run tomorrow

I will be going by the scout store tomorrow to purchase any last minute pins, loops, and patches. Please let me know no later than 9 PM today if your scout is missing anything. Cross reference what you have with what is marked in Scoutbook. Check both the adventures AND awards! Text or call me with your scout’s name and what they are missing. I will coordinate with Gigi and our Advancement Chair, Susan Adams, to make sure the kids have everything they’ve earned. Nicole Whittaker

Crossover Display

Hello All! Gigi asked if I could show everyone an example of how I did our oldest’s Crossover display from a few years back as a reference. I have attached a picture of Landon’s, and below is a list of items used. No need to worry about what you may or may not have, I’m a scrapbooker so I keep lots of our kiddos memories. Crossover table list:Blue shirtNeckerchief and slides from all yearsBelt with loopsHatPatchesStand with PwD carsAll trophies from PWDHiking StaffRandom items from day campRank advancement cardsItems made (like homemade slides or stepping stones) from Den meetingsTri boardTable cloth Hope this helps! Yvonne

Arrow PARENTS – PLEASE come to the Scout meeting Tuesday, March 19 – we are going over final details for CROSS OVER on Saturday, March 23rd!

Scouts will be meeting with their Troops on Tuesday at WUMC 6:45pm. ARROW PARENTS! We are meeting during the Scout meeting on Tuesday, March 19 – please be there if at all possible!! Melissa Hill will have final details and costs on the meal. I will go over the “script” for final editing. When we initially started planning our crossover ceremony, we talked about each scout having a chance to share their memories of Scouting. At Cross over, each scout will have a table area to present their Scouting memories/ memorabilia – this can be a poster board with photos, patches they have earned, picture albums, neckerchiefs and uniforms they wore, belt loops, Pinewood Derby cars and trophies, and other items that let everyone at…

Scouts are meeting with their Troops this week – important lead up to crossover!

BIG Thanks to Melissa Hill who is getting information from Bruno’s about our crossover dinner – we should know cost soon! ALL ARROWS should check in at the Troop Meetings this week – 359 meets at 6:45 at WUMC Troop 359 will be starting Shooting Sports training in preparation for the crossover campout March 22 -23 – 24 at Drott’s Farm. Troop359G will be starting work on their Public Speaking Merit badge. We need a headcount of which of the ARROW SCOUTS are planning to attend Summer CAMP – Details are on the Board in the  main Scout room at WUMC.  Parents please come ask any questions about summer camp and get your scouts on the list – this is a great camp opportunity plus…

Rank requirements – Protect Yourself Rules video and pamphlet links

If you have not already done so, please complete the exercises in How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide and watch the Protect Yourself Rules video for 5th Grade, Arrow of Light. These are requirements for the AOL rank. Most everyone has completed all required adventures for their AOL rank. Scoutbook will be updated accordingly this afternoon. If you are unsure as to what your scout needs, you may check their requirements on Scoutbook or reach out to Gigi or myself. We will have adventure pins and polar bear patches to hand out at the next meeting. This weekend is our AOLs LAST flag pickup with the pack! There are still several routes to be covered. Go to our signup genius to pick…

ALL ARROW Scouts are NOT meeting with their SCOUT TROOPS tonight.

Arrow Scout Families – I am getting good reports from both Troop 359 and Troop 359G about your Arrow Scouts doing a great job camping and following the Scout law.  Congratulations for a job well done – keep it up!! I hear that those who camped this weekend earned a Polar Bear patch and those might be handed out tonight…. Parents – if you have not confirmed how many in your family will be coming to celebrate your Arrow Scout achieving their Arrow of Light award and crossing over into Scouting, please respond to this link right now with your best guess at a number for your family: I am so proud of all of you Arrow Scouts – you are doing a great job…

Troop 359 Campers – Details

Hey, Arrows! For scouts camping with the Boys Troop this weekend, here are some additional details. Scouts need to be prepared for cold nights this weekend! Be sure they have backpacks/daypacks for the orienteering activity, water bottles, whistles, and a compass. If they have backpacking stoves/cookpots, please bring them. Of course, they will need their mess kits and a cup/mug (this is a MUST)! Tents will be provided. If you need any additional gear, please text Jason at (903) 530-9378 We’ll meet at the Church at 6 PM tomorrow night. We plan to be ready for pickup at 12 PM on Sunday.