Arrow PARENTS – PLEASE come to the Scout meeting Tuesday, March 19 – we are going over final details for CROSS OVER on Saturday, March 23rd!

Scouts will be meeting with their Troops on Tuesday at WUMC 6:45pm.

ARROW PARENTS! We are meeting during the Scout meeting on Tuesday, March 19 – please be there if at all possible!!

Melissa Hill will have final details and costs on the meal. I will go over the “script” for final editing.

When we initially started planning our crossover ceremony, we talked about each scout having a chance to share their memories of Scouting. At Cross over, each scout will have a table area to present their Scouting memories/ memorabilia – this can be a poster board with photos, patches they have earned, picture albums, neckerchiefs and uniforms they wore, belt loops, Pinewood Derby cars and trophies, and other items that let everyone at Crossover know a bit about each Scout. They might have a baseball glove or soccer ball, favorite book, fishing equipment , etc. The Scouts will get to stand at their tables an share with all our guests at the beginning of the crossover so everyone has time to arrive.

Arrows will do the opening flag ceremony and offer a prayer for the meal.

Everyone enjoys the meal.

Bridging Ceremony

Crossover Ceremony

Dessert & Closing Remarks

Closing Flag ceremony –

Benediction –

Hope to see everyone at 6:45 on Tuesday, March 19th!!