AOL Flag Routes

Howdy Folks!

Flags can be delivered at any point this weekend. I know there will be a short training on Sunday at 3 PM if anyone wants to get started then. If you would like to pick up your flags from the Church before Sunday, please let me know so we can coordinate a time.

Here are the flag routes still available for our Den:

Route A1 – McElroy Road near Camp Tyler. 11 Flags with 11 Customers
Route A2 – Peninsula Road. 11 Flags with 10 Customers
Route A3 – Acker Tap and North Whitehouse – 8 Flags with 7 Customers – Jacen Jones
Route A4 – Neighborhoods around the Ballpark – 8 Flags with 8 Customers
Route C4 – Hillcreek and Southpoint – 8 Flags with 8 Customers

All routes can be found at You will notice there is now a button to create a ‘Printable' list. If you like to work from paper, this is your new best friend! Be sure to select your Route and print on Landscape.

Don't forget – Please update the Status (this helps us know what routes have not been addressed).