As we discussed last week, NO MEETING tonight – be working on your Chore Chart and “PAWS of SKILL”

Hello Wild Wolves – I'm going to have to get used to calling you BEARS soon!!

As we discussed last week, we are NOT MEETING tonight.  There are too many events, rain-outs, testing, and end-of-year general craziness going on this week!

Everyone should be working on your chore chart (Except Gregory, I'm going to deliver yours today) to complete the Germs Alive elective.  We had a lot of fun and hopefully the Scouts learned a little bit…  ALSO – hoping everyone is done with theit PAWS OF SKILL Elective – I'm including the requirements again just in case you need to refresh on what your Scout should be working on.  With so many sports-oriented activities and “Field Days” it should be pretty easy to get this one finished – I think Scouts might be working on those Physical Fitness skills – maybe add them as a fun addition to the Chore Chart? LOL

We now have TWO possible pools to work with – stay tuned as we wait for some consecutive warm (NOT WET) weeks!!!

Here are the requirements for “Paws of Skill” physical fitness requirements:

1. Talk with your family or den about what it means to be physically fit.
Share ideas of what you can do to stay in shape.

2. With your family or den, talk about why it is important to stretch
before and after exercising. Demonstrate proper warm-up movements
and stretches before and after each activity you do that involves action.

3. Select at least two physical fitness skills and practice them daily for
two weeks. See if you can improve during that time.  You can choose push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, or any other physical fitness skill.

4. With your family or your den, talk about what it means to be a
member of a team. Working together, make a list of team sports, and
talk about how the team works together to be successful. Choose one
and play or watch the game for 30 minutes

5. With your den, talk about sportsmanship and what it means to be a
good sport while playing a game or a sport. Share with your den how
you were a good sport or demonstrated good sportsmanship in
requirement 4.  (optional but easy)

6. Watch or participate in any sporting event with your family or your den. Look for ways the
team works together. Share your visit with your den. (optional but easy)