BEAR Carnival planning & practice tonight – “Pass off” on BOBCAT Requirements

HI DEN 4!!  See you tonight at 6:30 – meeting will be short and sweet – getting ready for BEAR Carnival & BOBCAT Rank tests.

Was that a great Rose Parade or what?  Den 4 Scouts and Parents were SUPERSTARS as always, lending a hand where needed and WHAT a great job carrying those flags and banners!!!! Round of Applause!!!

NOW, you busy BEAR families – let's think about BEAR CARNIVAL. This will complete the “Grin & Bear it” Achievement for each participating Scout once we do the “reflection” so it's important that your Scout plans their “game” AND what they are going to say to get people to come play that game – think of carnival vendors calling-“Hey, come on over, you can't lose” or “Win a prize EVERY time” – or the guy at the ball games yelling “Hot Dawgs” – you get the idea.

The Bear Carnival is our traditional Pack 359 Fall Festival.  Your Scout can “invent” a game out of common games you have around the house – Corn Hole can be “Feed the Zombie” with a Zombie Face taped on the Corn Hole board.  There are about 75 Scouts-n-Siblings, so the game can't take a really long time – but you can MODIFY it to be played faster.  I have a few games that I can “loan out” for this event if needed. Some are bringing their games tonight so our Scouts can “test” them out and we can think about how this all will flow.

  1. Bear Carnival will be set up in our usual back meeting room – each SCOUT needs to create a sign to advertise their game
  2. Parents – plan to have 75 “items” as winnings to be handed out – individually wrapped, trinkets, toys, etc are fine. (Let me know if this is a problem)
  3. Plan to set up your “game” area before the Pack Meeting if possible – they will release BEARS first for final set up that night also.
  4. Any festive decorations will be GREAT – just remember, whatever you bring in, you haul out.
  5. We will play for at least 30 minutes – up to 45 min or so. If you run out of treats, they play “for free” if they want to play.

Possible games – We really need a FISHING station – Put sheets over chairs/table – scouts hide behind and attach treat to fishing pole line wit clothespin on it.  To make it more fun they can (gently) have the fish nibble on the line or fight back as they are being reeled in.  Needs 2 – 3 poles, clothespins, sheets, signs, scouts.  (This would be a great game for two scouts to “Pair Up” on)

Guessing Game – How many (whatevers) are in the Jar?  Candy Corn, Money in a Jar, etc.  Dress up the jar for our theme. Need pencils and paper – scouts have to put NAME and DEN number (in case you can't read the name) with their best guess.  This game just needs 5 top guesser prizes.

Guess what's in the box?  3 Covered boxes with “something” inside – Scouts guess what it is – Worms (spaghetti), Fish eyes (grapes or those waterballs that expand in the water (nice and slimey!)  – of course the big box covered by a blanket (so what's inside does not escape) at the end of your table has a hole in the back and the front so when they reach in and are feeling around someone reaches their hand in the back and grabs them (modify for little ones!) or tickles their hands…  This is another one that could be two scouts paired up.

GRIN AND BEAR IT Adventure Requirements:

  1. Play a  game with the members of your den. Take part in a reflection after the game.
  2. Working with the members of your den, organize a Cub Scout carnival and lead it at a special event. (Oct. 25 after Pack Meeting)
  3. Help younger Cub Scouts take part in one of the events at the Cub Scout carnival.
  4. After the Cub Scout carnival, discuss with the members of your den and your den leader what went well, what could be done better, and how everyone worked together to make the event a success.