Howdy Bear Families!!

We have at least 4 new families joining the Den4 Family, so as we gather TUESDAY at 6:45pm at WUMC, be sure to reach out, introduce yourselves and make our newest members feel welcome!!!

All new scouts will need to earn their BOBCAT AWARD – It's on page 24 of your Bear book, and I'll have handouts. Might want to brush up on our Scout Law and Scout Oath, everybody!! The BEAR neckerchief is light blue and we will need those by the October Pack Meeting.  Pack Meetings remain on Monday nights at 6:30pm, and the BEARS will be providing the ever-popular BEAR carnival on October 25th. We'll talk about that more at our Den Meetings.

We will go to work right away working on the 6 achievements to our BEAR rank.  Here are some ways YOUR family might be able to help the Den!

  1. Baloo the Builder – The Scouts are learning which tools will be best for woodworking projects.  In a week or two, we will need hammers, screw drivers, hand saws, drill / brace and bit (for drilling holes for wooden “Tees” to fit in, coping saws, tape measure, vise or clamps, sandpaper etc – and other tools if you have them handy.  (I'm have wood for either a tic-tac-toe or peg game like they have at Cracker Barrel)
  2. Bear Claws – the Scouts will earn their coveted “Whittling Chip” and the right to safely carry and use a pocket knife. We will be learning the rules (!) and carving soap first for practice this Monday using butter knives, orangewood sticks, and spoons!
  3. Bear Necessities -Camping and Knot Tying (see list of upcoming camping dates below)
  4. Fellowship & Duty to God – Scouts can earn the religious emblem for their faith,
  5. Fur, Feathers and Ferns – 1 mile hike, learning animal facts, learn how to grow vegetables
  6. Paws for Action – (Duty to Country) Flag folding, flag ceremony, make list of emergency numbers, participate in a clean-up project.

For Tuesday, bring butter knives, pocket knives if you have them, and a towel for soap shavings.  See you Tuesday!!!

Upcoming Events

October 2nd: Flag build day at the Church

October 16th: Rose Parade (must have Field/Class A uniform)

October 23rd-24th: Mom & Me campout at Pirtle registration opens tomorrow.

October 25 – Pack Meeting and Bear Carnival

November 12-14th: Family Camp