Bring treats & small gifts for First Responder’s Thank-You Baskets tomorrow night

Hey Tiger Team, what a GREAT parade!  You scouts and scouter parents did an awesome job!!

Monday, December 9th – 6:30 meet at the church with treats and small gifts – anything you'd like to give to our first responders who are working to keep us safe through the holidays.  Snacks of any kind are great, but keep in mind these folks probably need to eat healthy as part of their job! If we have enough we can take items to both the fire and police station.  We will make up the baskets and deliver them tomorrow night. If you are looking for an event to participate in with your Scout for your Duty to God award, you can leave the Police/Fire station and go through the free Bethlehem Drive-Through at First Baptist Church on 346 (by the High School) and I was told they would let us into the line so we can drive through right after our deliveries.  More info tomorrow night!

I looked up a list of items that are recommended for first responder snacks:

Cliff bars, Protein bars or Power Bars – many times officers working calls jump from one call to the next without a break in between to eat.  It’s important to keep energy up and sometimes dinner is a simple protein bar.

Peanuts or Granola Bars – another really good snack idea for on the go.

Beef Jerky or Turkey Jerky – same reason as above.  It’s a good snack idea that will get you through your shift.  They sell lots of beef jerky that are individually wrapped too.

Coffee Gift Cards – sometimes officers will get a free cup of coffee but not all the time.  They don’t always have time to sit and drink a cup of coffee.  They may even go through the drive-thru just to grab some caffeine.  A $5 Dunking Donuts or Starbucks gift card would be well appreciated.

Mini Hand Sanitizers – some larger departments may issue these but not all do.  They deal with some pretty crappy situations and don’t always have a sink to wash their hands.  Hand sanitizers are a must when on patrol.  A must!

Chapstick – Police Officers work in all kinds of weather conditions and often time love to have chapstick on hand to protect them from the sun and the cold, dry weather.

Hand Warmer packets – these come in handy when they are stuck working a collision or traffic during the cold winter months.  Very, very useful to police officers especially those that ride motorcycles.

Pens – Yes Pens!  You know how often they need a good pen?  Yes, often!!  They could never have too many pens.  (blue or black pens)