Christmas Boxes for First Responders

Hello Bear Family!

Our traditional Christmas service event is to fill a big basket with treats, supplies, etc. and deliver the baskets to our first responders at the Whitehouse Fire station and Police Station.  I have two laundry baskets ready to stuff with bright holiday tissue and ALLLL the treats.  As you are shopping for your family over the weekend, keep in mind we are filling 2 baskets and think about snacks or other items that our first responders might be glad to have especially when they are working late and all stores are closed!!

Items to consider – Lip Balm (Chapstick, Burt's Bees), black ink pens ( officers I know at TJC say they are always running out of these), small spiral-bound note pads, disinfectant wipes, sanitizer soap, cough drops, small tubes of lotion for dry, cracked hands, small packages of kleenex, granola bars, protein bars, breakfast bars, trail mix, nuts, chips, cookies, beef jerky, beef sticks, cracker & meat snack packs, tangerines, rice krispy bars, pop tarts, oatmeal or soup cups – Anything you can think of!  Homemade cookies/goodies are ok but must have your name and the recipe – my colleagues who worked in larger cities said they would not eat home-made stuff because of the fear of what might be in it – Whitehouse is not that big yet, but better safe sorry!!

Scouts (and parents too, if you wish) should write two cards or notes – one for each basket – telling our first responders “Thank You” for coming to our last Pack meeting and working so hard to keep all our families safe – even on holidays when they would prefer to be home with their own families. 

At last Monday's meeting I asked all present about meeting on Monday to make our delivery (I have an event Tuesday) …

Hope you can be at the church with your Scout at 6:30 Monday the 13th.  We spread all the goodies out and the scouts (with some parent help) stuff the baskets.  Then we go to the Fire Station and Police station and make our deliveries.  Wear your scout uniform and a Santa hat if you have one.

This will be our last meeting  for December.  Each scout should be working on your ” Duty to God” achievement over the Christmas break as well as writing down informtion for “Fur, Feathers, & Ferns & Paws for Action – duty to country” awards.  There are just a few items that our scouts might need some parent help with – we have covered a LOT of this information at meetings and at Mom& Me and Family campouts.

I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to thank all of you for sharing your Scout with me and Den  4.  Each one is super special and makes our Den what it is today!! Thank you for working with your scout, coming to meetings when you'd rather have the night off, and being GREAT SCOUT PARENTS!!!!!!  Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!