Cub Scout Update 8/26

Reminder that flags need to be put out for September 11th. Flags need to go out this weekend. The flags will be out for pick-up at the church this evening after 4pm thru Saturday until 4pm for your routes. If you have any questions or issues notify your den leader who will contact the flag coordinator.

Also, I had to make the difficult decision to cancel tomorrows “Back to School” event. Rain and scattered thunderstorms have been showing between 0 and 50% for Saturday. In the spirit of full transparency if I waited until Saturday to cancel the inflatable the Pack would have still had to pay the delivery fee and then the inflatable company would keep our deposit and give us a credit with them. I did not want to spend pack funds on a delivery fee for something the pack did not get to enjoy and have a credit for an inflatable use at some point in the future. I figured if I did not cancel it would rain and if I canceled it would probably not rain. So darned if you do and darned if you don't situation. We are not going to set a new date right now but will instead decide at the next committee meeting where to allocate the budget for this event to give the scouts a better experience throughout the year. Sorry for any inconveniences and if your scout was excited for Saturday you can blame me!


Your in Scouting,

Cody Baker