Den 4 FLAG Service Project – Flags need to be out by Wednesday in preparation for Memorial Day

Hi Den 4!

Some of you might have already seen the Flag Instructions for this week – the rain has really created issues in delivering the flags for Memorial Day, so ALL Dens are helping out by covering assigned routes. We have 33 flags to put out for Den 4, distributed into about 5 areas around the Canyon Springs, Cumberland Estates, Windridge Estates, Cambridge Village, and Oscar-Burkett neighborhoods.  I have attached our Den 4 spreadsheet “list” and a map that shows how the flags are distributed.

The flags need to be delivered by at least one scout in uniform + adult helper.  If you and your Scout want to participate, please TEXT me at 903-574-3787 and let me know what area you could take, and when you would like to put out the flags.  I can get into Flag storage to get flags for you or arrange for someone to meet you Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, or even this afternoon if that's when you want.    Maps are attached and include gate codes if needed.  I'll be watching my text messages!!,