Den 4 – Welcome Back Den Meeting Monday at 6:30pm and please Pick up your FLAGS!!

Heyyyyy there Wild Webelos – I am SO excited about this year's activities and can't wait to see everyone Monday, September 26th, at 6:30 in our usual place in the back of the WUMC.  Meetings this year will take place on Mondays and some Sunday afternoons at WUMC for longer projects that might take a bit more time to complete.  We have some AWESOME activities coming up this year!!!

** IMPORTANT**  Everyone PLEASE pick up your flags – if you had some that needed to be installed Tracy and I went and put them out for the holiday but most still need the PVC set into the ground – don't miss those on your pick up rounds!!  Thank you for working together as a team and CONGRATULATIONS to the Sivulas (thanks, Eric!) for taking on Flag management for our pack.