Den Meeting moved to the Delk’s home due to early voting at WUMC!!

Hello Arrow Families!!

Early Voting equipment is moving in to our usual meeting area at the church, so we will be meeting at the Delk home tonight: 400 Gatewood Drive, Whitehouse, TX  75791, at 6:15 Tuesday.  This is over close to the High School – you will turn off 346 onto Hillcreek Drive, take a right on Langford, then left on Gatewood.  We are on the right. Park along the street.


Since Halloween is upon us, we will be carving pumpkins to show knife safety and to refresh all Scouts on the Whittling Chip Requirement! (Once in the Troop it is called a Totin' Chip)

Scouts will need a pocketknife and a pumpkin. I will have some pumpkins available to carve; if you have one that needs to be carved, feel free to bring your own!

  1. Know the safety rules for handling a knife and show, using these rules, that you know how to care for and use your pocketknife safely.
  2. Make a carving with a pocketknife. Work with your den leader or other adult when doing this.
  3. Read, understand and promise to abide by the “Pocketknife Pledge. Knife Safety Rules:.
  • A knife is a tool, not a toy.
  • Know how to sharpen a knife. A sharp knife is safer because it is less likely to slip and cut you.
  • Keep the blade clean.
  • Never carry an open pocketknife.
  • When you are not using your knife, close it and put it away.
  • Keep your knife dry.
  • When you are using the cutting blade, do not try to make big shavings or chips. Easy does it.
  • Make a safety circle: Before you pick up your knife to use it, stretch your arm out and turn in a circle. If you can't touch anyone else, it is safe to use your knife.

See you tomorrow night – come as close to 6:15 as possible so we have plenty of time.