Den Meeting Sunday


We missed those who couldn't hike with us. Remember to visit a zoo or nature center to finish the requirement. The cubs voted and this Sunday at 3:00 we will work on the elective A World of Sound. I need some help with supplies. We have to make the following instruments:

Complete all of the following.

  1. Make an mbira.
  2. Make a sistrum.
  3. Make a rain stick.

The mbria – Who can help get supplies? The book has some guidelines but we can adjust. I googled Cub Scout mbria and lots of ideas. Can one parent handle pulling this together? Looks like wood and hair pins…

I have most other items for a sistrum and rain stick but need: thin metal wire for the sistrum and  beads.

Everyone bring markers, tape, scissors, colored yarn. If you have bottle caps or beads, please bring.