Den Meeting Tuesday – Skit Practice, Science, and preparation for Blue & Gold

See you Tuesday – 6:30 at WUMC!

Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold is April 23rd at 5:30pm. Please wear Class A uniform.  Food will start being served about 5pm. You will need to bring lawn chairs for sitting. The theme is family game night so if you have yard games you can bring to keep the scouts occupied before and after the ceremony please bring!

Spring Family Camp

Spring Family Campout is April 29th – May 1st at Camp Tyler.

BLUE & GOLD Agenda – in case you have a million family things going on, so you know what's happening when…

Ceremony Agenda


Start passing out food.

[5:30 pm]

Opening Prayer –

Committee Members Recognition – Nicole

Gift Presentation to Kathy and Somer – Cody and Nicole

Tiger Skit

[6:00 pm]

Flag Ceremony – Tigers and Lions

Scout Law –

Scout Oath – Gavin

Cub Scout Motto –


Nicole and Susan

 1. Handing out paint and instruction parents to begin painting scout with paint as I speak.

2. Hand out patches and parent pins. Pass out belt loops to scouts.


AOL Skit

Lion Neckerchief Ceremony

Lion Recognition

Webloe Skit

Tiger Recognition

Bear Skit

Wolf Recognition

Bear Recognition

Wolf Skit

Webloe Recognition

Lion Skit

Cubmaster Minute – Cody

Flag Ceremony – Lions and Tigers