Den Meetings and FALL FAMILY CAMP!!

Hello, Pack 359 Family!!  I hope all Cowboys Overnighter particpants had a great time!!

Fall Family Camp is upon us, one of my favorite events of the year!!!   LET YOUR DEN LEADER KNOW HOW MANY OF YOUR FAMILY PLANS TO ATTEND!

Campout date is Friday, November 10th through Sunday, November 12th at Pirkey Environmental Park near Hallsville, TX (directions attached). If you can't make it Friday, come Saturday!!!  If you can't camp at all, come out Saturday for the day and campfire. 
* The Pack will provide meals for Saturday morning and evening.  Parents/Dens will be responsible for Friday night, Saturday lunch, and Sunday breakfast. For Friday, most families will stop and eat on the way to camp. For Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast, it can be as simple as a sandwich or a meal prepared and shared with your Den (please check with your Den Leader).  Most Dens plan to eat breakfast and lunch as a den.
             Pack Menu
             – Saturday Morning:  Breakfast Tacos
             – Saturday Evening:  Hamburger and hot dogs
*  Saturday Schedule
  5:30-8:00am     Breakfast food prep and cooking – AOL/Tigers
  8:00am             Breakfast
  8:30-9:30am     Breakfast Clean-up – Webelos
  9:30-10:30am   Fishing Dock – Tigers
  10:30-11:30am Fishing Dock – Wolves
  12:00-1:00pm   Lunch with your family or Den
  1:00-2:00pm     Fishing Dock – Bears
  2:00-3:00pm     Fishing Dock – Arrow of Light
  3:00-4:00pm     Fishing Dock – Webelos
  3:30-5:30pm     Food prep and cooking – Bears
  5:30pm             Dinner
  6:30pm             Dinner Clean-up – Wolves
  7:00pm             S'mores with your Den
  7:30pm             All Scouts change into their uniforms
  7:45pm             Campfire
  9:30-9:45pm     Cubs get ready for bed
  10:00pm           Lights out for Cubs. Parents can quietly sit around the fire and chat. 
*  Sunday Schedule
  6:00-8:00am   Breakfast with Den
  8:30am           Chapel Service
  De-camp, Leave No Trace and return home at your leisure
* Permission forms will need to be filled out for each child, under the age of 21, attending the camp.  This includes siblings.  One form per child unless they share the same birth date and age.  Even if you are only coming out for the activities on Saturday and not going to camp we will need a permission form filled out. A copy of the form is attached. 
* Health Forms must be completed for ALL participants.  If you have not completed a health form, please bring a completed health form to camp.  A copy is attached.
* Youth Protection Training should be completed by all adults attending.  If you have not done YPT, please go to to complete this training.  It MUST be completed prior to attending family camp.
*  Den Leaders will be planning the Saturday activities for their Den outside of the fishing times and meal help times noted above. Please note that parents will need to also help with their Den during food prep, cooking and clean up.
*  The campfire is a Field (Class A) Uniform event.  Don't forget to bring these with you to the camp
* Attached you will find a map to Pirkey Environmental Park. There is a guard house by the main gate where you may need to check in before entering the plant site. 
* Be sure to bring fishing poles and bait.  
* PACK FOR THE WEATHER!!!  Gonna be cooler than this past weekend!
* NO smoking allowed at the campgrounds.  If you must smoke, you must go to the parking area.
*  One final note:  If you need any camping gear, tent, sleeping bag, cook stove, etc. let me know.  I have several extras so I just need to know how much extra to bring and for who.  
Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me or your Den Leader.
Meeting Locations for tomorrow's den meetings:
Tigers – Discovery Room
Wolves – Pike Hall
Bears – Fellowship Hall
Webelos – off site. Brookshire's
AOL – upstairs room
Yours in Scouting,
D. Jason Phillips