Fall Family Camp is Here!!! And it’s gonna be a cold one!!! ❄️

Fall Family Camp is here!!! If you are still planning on heading out today, keep an eye on the weather. There are showers in the forecast well into the night. The rain looks like it will let up around 1:00 am, so those setting up in the morning will just have wet ground to contend with. Don't forget a tarp or something to put under your tent.


Camp Pirtle – Co Rd 1241, Gary City, TX 75643

Campsite 4 – Wolves, Lions, AOL

Campsite 14 – Bears, Tigers, Webelos

The pack is only providing Breakfast and Dinner on Saturday. All other meals need to be planned by Family or Den. Pack Meals will be outside the Mess Hall. You will need to bring a chair and a mess kit.

No cars allowed outside the parking lot. You cannot drive to campsite to unload. We will try to do a gear pickup in the parking lot Saturday Morning after Breakfast and drop off at campsites, though this is not a guarantee. Be prepared to carry your own gear to your site – a four-wheeled wagon is highly recommended for this.

This campout is a family campout. Outside of planned den and pack activities the purpose of the campout is to spend time with one another. There is fishing but scouts are not allowed to be near the waterfront unless supervised by an adult. A fishing license is required for those 18+.

There is only one fire per campsite allowed in the fire ring and it must be supervised at all times if burning. Fires must be out and smothered before going to sleep or leaving the site. Bring firewood!


Saturday night will be cold, and I mean freezing, quite literally! If it drops below 32 degrees (which is currently in the forecast), all of our scouts who weather the cold will earn their Polar Bear Patch! So put out a cup of water and keep an eye on those temps!


Attached is a map of Pirtle, our Camp Schedule and a Packing List (for those who may be packing late or want to make sure they have everything!).

Your contact at camp will be Cody Baker (903-539-1763). I will be there Saturday afternoon/evening only.



Happy Camping!


Nicole Whittaker

Pack 359 Committee Chair


https://etacpack359.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Fall-Family-Camp-2022.docx, https://etacpack359.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Equipment-Checklist.docx, https://etacpack359.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Camp-Pirtle-Map1.png