This TUESDAY – 6:30 at WUMC! Cast Iron Chef and please bring your Exercise sheets!!

Hello Webelos!

Tuesday night we are serving up some Cast Iron Chef creations!!!

1. Please bring your exercise sheets for our Fitness Achievement.

2. We will be learning how to do campfire cooking with cast iron/ dutch ovens.  The Den had a hard time selecting cobbler flavors so we will be dividing up into “cooking teams” to select and build two cobblers and learn how to use coals (already hot) to cook our cobblers to perfection. While our delicious cobblers bake, we'll learn to use coal chimneys to get perfect coals for dutch ovens, box oven baking, and foil meal packs.

*** NEEDED – 1 or 2 seasoned mid-size or small dutch ovens, with lids & lid hooks if possible ***

I will have several “stations” set up for Scouts to get “hands on” and will need lots of parent help – helpers get “tasting” privileges!!!  The menu planned by our Scouts included buttered noodles, bread, and cobblers …

If you want to make your OWN box oven after our meeting, you'll need heavy duty foil, a copy paper box, a wire rack, aluminum pie pans, and 4 empty veggie cans – this is so you and your parents can begin collecting the things you'll need to make your own box oven and do some cooking over Thanksgiving break!

Can't wait to see all my Cast Iron Chefs Tuesday evening at 6:30pm!!