Family Camp REGISTRATION needed now!

All families planning to attend need to register at so we need to get a headcount and plan accordingly.

Fall Family camp is a great way to relax and enjoy getting to know other families in the Pack. If you haven't been, Camp Pirtle is nestled in a Pine Forest, right on the Eastern point of Lake Murvaul. If you and your scout love to fish, bring your poles and bait! (Scouts MUST be supervised lakeside)

Many families may not be able to come out Friday night and will come out early Saturday morning to set up camp. Even if your schedule will not allow camping, feel free to come out for the day and enjoy the outdoors with us.

If cooking outdoors isn't your thing, No Problem! Pair up with another family and cook together! Many families have had great success by doing so.

If you are lacking any gear (Tents, sleeping bags, stoves, etc) please, please, please reach out to your Den Leader or send the pack an email at The Pack has loaner gear and several experienced families have extra gear as well. We want everyone equipped to have a great time!.

A full agenda will be published later as well as which meal the Pack will be providing.

See you at camp!

PS – Don't forget about our Flag Fundraiser! All Flags need to be delivered this weekend. Flag Routes can be found at