February requirements and Crossover

Thanks to everyone who made it to tonights meeting; with that said there are several key announcements that need to be addressed. 1) We will not official meet the month of February for den meetings but all should try and show for the pack meeting at the end of the month. 2) The boys should spend their time visiting troops and learn about how they operate. Requirement #2 in Scouting Adventure has the questions that they should be asking. 3) All requirements must be completed by the end of February for the boys to crossover. I will be available to help any scout who needs assisstance. Do not hesitate to call if help is needed. 4) Due to obligations for the Crossover ceremony and scouting spring break campout I will be unavailable in March. Be on the lookout for all the official information for the Crossover ceremony coming soon.
Thanks for all that you do,
Den5 leader Bob Prince