Fire Building Tonight

Howdy AOL's,

Tonight we will be learning all about fire building with the Webelos den. Please look at the weather and dress appropriately. IF you have a portable fire ring and can bring it please text me at 903-530-9378.

Items to bring if you have them:

  • Firestarter
    Dryer Lint
  • Small sticks (that we can burn)
  • Medium sticks (that we can burn)

**I need to know if you and your scout are available to help with a Den Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser. It would be this Saturday after the pinewood derby. The proceeds will go to the Cross Over ceremony and help pay for the week-long Summer Camp with the Troops this summer.**

Key Pack Dates:

  • Fri Feb 11 – Pinewood Derby Car check-in
  • Sat Feb 12 – Pinewood Derby Races
  • Sun Feb 27 – Scout Sunday

Your In Scouting,