Flag Deliveries!

Hey, Arrows and Lions!!

It's time for our Flag Deliveries again! I love this fundraiser! It's so easy 🙂

Our Lion Den will accompany our Arrow Of Light Den this year. They will be assuming the ownership after we cross-over into Scouts BSA Troops in the Spring.

All Route Details can be found at https://etacpack359.org/routes/

We are responsible for these 5 routes. (We are also responsible for Prestige Estates for Labor Day)

Please let me know what Route you could help with.

Route A1 – McElory Road near Camp Tyler. 11 Flags with 11 Customers
Route A2 – Peninsula Road. 11 Flags with 10 Customers
Route A3 – Acker Tap and North Whitehouse – 8 Flags with 7 Customers – Jacen Jones
Route A4 – Neighborhoods around the Ballpark – 8 Flags with 8 Customers
Route C4 – Hillcreek and Southpoint – 8 Flags with 8 Customers

I'll be at the Church beginning at 6 PM tonight and will be there until 8 PM tomorrow night. The Troop has a Lock-In. If you need to meet at a different time to pick up Flags, please let me know!