Flag pick-up time

Good morning Terrific Tigers!

Our flag Zone is Zone 1. We have 5 flag routes in this zone which are A1, A2, A3, A4, and C4. You can find the routes on https://etacpack359.org/routes. I recommend using the ‘Print View' to see the routes. Once a flag is picked up, use the “Update Status” button to change.

We have a couple of routes covered already, but are looking for someone to cover the others.

A1 (McElroy near Camp Tyler) – NEED HELP

A2 (Peninsula, off Bascom) – NEED HELP

A3 (Acker Tap) – Claire Brown

A4 (346 near Baseball Complex) – Elliott Wray

C4 (Lake Tyler) – NEED HELP

Please let me know if your family can cover a route. (903) 530-9378

Have a great weekend!