GREAT work on those FLAGS and I’ll see YOU on Tuesday at 6:30 at the WUMC!!!

WOW – GREAT job BEAR SCOUTS and families on our FLAG ROUTE – ALL FLAGS are up in time to honor our Veterans!

I will see everyone at the church on Tuesday at our regular 6:30 time.  Scouts – If you have not shown me your soap carving, bring it if you have it done.  I will have wood for the wood carving item – those are not “due” for a while yet – might be a good project for Thanksgiving week.

We will keep working on our BEAR Rank Achievements for now – along with SKITS AND SNAKES! 

SCOUTS – see if you can find anything cool/interesting about local SNAKES – Copperhead, Coral Snake, Rattlesnake, King Snake, Rat Snake, Water Moccasin – snakes you might find in TEXAS.  We will be working on some “SNAKEY” stuff for fun!!!

We are also going to be practicing our SKIT for Family Camp – DEN 4 brought down the house with our fishing skit last year – be sure to ask Gregory how to keep the WORMS warm!!!!  I expect bigger and better this year!

Final FLAG update – I know there were other families that had asked about a flag route but didn't get to do one this time.

There is one “open” area that the Luptons took care of, if a family wants to take care of it in the future.  That route is:

B4 Route – Canyon Springs – 6 Flags (__________________ family) is still open and the Luptons are willing to go out with

DEN 4 – ZONE 3 – Here's who is handling the Den 4 Flags:

B4 Route – Windridge & Remington – 4 Flags – Nielsen Family 

B4 Route – 9 Flags for Cumberland – Lupton Family

B6 Route – Saddleview, Greenwood, Graemont, and Brook Hollow – 8 flags  – Preuss & Lampin Families

B8 Route:  Joye Lane Neighborhood and Jamie Drive – off of Rhones Quarter road – 4 flags – Blackmon Family.

B5 Route – Cambridge Village & Sleepy Hollow – 5 Flags – Sivula family 

When you log in to you will see the link for Den4/Zone 3

Zone 3 is made up 4 Flag Areas – B4, B5, B6, B8

Thank you to all who have served or had a family member in the armed forces.

Gigi Delk
Den Leader, Den 4